Terms and Conditions 

These Terms and Conditions apply to the subscription of the person whose name or subscription identification number was used for log on to this site (“you”, “your”). This program (“Program”) is an optional service provided or administered by American Savings Pass, Rewards Service Center, P.O. Box 8788, Virginia Beach, VA 23450-8788 (“ASP,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”).

THE SERVICE. In exchange for payment by you of the current subscription (“Subscription”) fee, you may obtain the benefits of the Program which consist of discounts and savings opportunities as described in the Program website. ASP reserves the right to change the specific services included in the Program and reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without notice. ASP reserves the right to limit discounts. ASP reserves the right to change the content of the Program website at any time. We reserve the right to cancel your subscription at any time for any reason.

WHO MAY USE. Only you and members of your immediate family living in your household may use the Program on your or their behalf. No corporate, company, or business subscriptions are permitted. You agree to notify Us if you become aware of any unauthorized use of The Program or if your Subscription Identification (ID) number is lost. This website is not directed at children under the age of 13. ASP does not intend to gather any personal information from children under 13. Children under the age of 18 should get permission from a parent or guardian before sending any personal information to Us via e-mail or otherwise. However, if the parent or guardian of a child under 13 has provided Us with personally identifiable information, the parent or guardian of that child should call Us at  866-289-4618 if they want this information deleted from Our files.

TRIAL PERIOD AND MONTHLY BILLING. If you purchased the Subscription on a trial offer, you will receive all regular benefits of subscribing for a period of 30 days, as indicated in the Program materials. Unless you notify Us that you wish to cancel before the end of the trial period or regular monthly billing date, your credit or debit/check card will be charged a fee each month for your subscription. Immediately upon receipt of cancellation, prior to any billing, your trial offer or subscription will terminate.

RIGHT TO CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION. You have the right to cancel the Program at anytime. To cancel, write to American Savings Pass, Rewards Service Center, P.O. Box 8788, Virginia Beach, VA 23450-8788, Attn: Customer Service, or call  866-289-4618, If you cancel the Program, you will not be charged any additional fees.

LIABILITY. ASP assumes no liability for any products or services provided by an ASP, vendor or marketing partner. You agree that any claim shall be made against the vendor of such products or services and not ASP. This site may contain links to websites that are established and maintained by a party other than RPP. These links are provided for your convenience only, and We are not responsible for the content or performance of such sites. ASP, MAKES NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO ANY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES SOLD OR INFORMATION DELIVERED OR PROVIDED TO YOU, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ASP SHALL, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. OUR LIABILITY TO YOU SHALL IN NO EVENT EXCEED THE AMOUNT OF THE SUBSCRIPTION FEE CHARGED SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.

MAIL PREFERENCE SERVICE. From time to time We make portions of Our customer list available to carefully screened companies and organizations whose products and services may be of interest to you. If you would prefer to have your name withheld, please send your request with complete name and mailing address to: American Savings Pass, Rewards Service Center, P.O. Box 8788, Virginia Beach, VA 23450-8788.

QUESTIONS. If you have any questions regarding the Program, please call  866-289-4618.

A NOTE TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS. If at anytime you have trouble placing or receiving an order, please contact one of our Benefits Specialists who will be happy to make arrangements for your purchase. Please contact Us at clubs@rewardsservicecenter.com.

Automatic Renewal Terms

During your enrollment your electronic signature was received, authorizing us to charge you a subscriber fee every month after the trial period to the credit or debit/check card you have provided. Canceling is easy. Just call 866-289-4618 or email clubs@rewardsservicecenter.com if you would change to another card to make these payments, to cancel, or for any other customer service issues. Learn More