What is American Savings Pass?

American Savings Pass is a NEW leisure and entertainment program that will help you get cash back on monthly home entertainment bills and save up to 50% instores and online and on purchases at restaurants, hotels, sporting events, theme parks through SaveRunner. Learn more about your benefits here.

What benefits am I entitled to?

American Savings Pass members can access monthly cash back rewards to save on your home bills including your mobile phone bills, Internet, and streaming services. You can also save up to 50% off on over 300,000 deals at local/national merchants online, in stores and with your mobile device. You'll also be able to earn magazine subscriptions each month of your service (limit of 6 per customer) and can claim other cool rewards and freebies.Learn more about your benefits here.

Question about a charge on your statement?

Call 866.289.5112 now for immediate assistance or you can email us at clubs@rewardsservicecenter.com.

I don't recall signing up for American Savings Pass.

You most likely signed up when you placed an order over the phone in response to a promotion/infomercial on TV. A 30-day FREE trial in American Savings Pass is an exclusive offer, with separate terms and conditions from the order you called in for. New sign-ups are processed only with the verbal consent of the customer, which is recorded and could be made available upon request. We then sent you a Welcome Notification by mail or email shortly after you signed-up, reiterating the terms and conditions. If you are simply looking to cancel, you can login and cancel in the 'My Account' area or request to cancel by emailing clubs@rewardsservicecenter.com.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime simnply by logging in and clicking on 'My Account' then clicking 'Cancel Membership'. You can also contact our Customer Support Team by email us at clubs@rewardsservicecenter.com or by phone at 866.289.5112.

How does it work?

Upon enrolling, you will have a 30-day period during which you can use the program benefits as much as you like. If you find the service is not for you, call us before the end of the trial period, toll-free at 866.289.5112, and you won't be charged. If you wish to continue with your subscription after the trial period you agreed upon, the monthly subscription fee is automatically charged to the billing source authorized by you.

Why am I getting magazines?

Your membership includes subscriptions to popular magazines at no extra charge. If you would like to receive different magazines or would prefer not to receive any at all, you can email us at clubs@rewardsservicecenter.com for assistance. If you have extra magazines, consider donating them to the troops. Click here to learn more.

The Welcome Letter/Email mentions the value of magazines - what does that mean?

A portion of the monthly fee of your ongoing service after your 30-day free trial includes a magazine benefit and we break those amounts out for you on the Welcome Letter/Email. In turn, if you want to decline your magazine benefit, you can receive a refund of the amount of the magazine benefit by contacting our Customer Support Team.

When does the trial period start?

Your trial period begins about the next business day after acceptance. To access your benefits before your Card comes in the mail, just call Customer Support Team at 866.289.5112 and we will give you your Subscriber ID and instructions on how to access your online benefits.

How do I redeem my Gift Card and Cash Back Rewards?

Redeeming the gift card is easy. Click on 'Benefits' and following the instructions under Gift Card and Cash Back Rewards.

What additional cash back bonuses and free rewards am I entitled to?

These offers change all the time but advertisers are attracted to American Savings Pass members because they are smart shoppers who if happy with their purchase will become long-term customers. While negotiating the deals with certain advertisers we try to arrange Cash Back and FREE reward incentives to sweeten the offers. These will be awarded to customers when reaching a milestone of their membership or when purchasing certain products or buying from participating merchants. Check the site periodically so you don't miss them.